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Leaders & Leadership
There is no argument that effective leadership and management at all levels is critical to an organization’s success. Leadership shapes culture. Management effectiveness is enhanced by leadership skills and behaviors. Becoming an effective leader at any level in an organization requires more than just reading articles or books. It requires developing specific mental models, skill sets, behaviors and competencies to effectively manage, improve, develop team capability and shape culture. Our consulting services include leadership assessments, coaching, mentoring, retreat facilitation and an expert external advisor to senior leadership teams. We work closely and advise senior leadership teams leading organizational culture transformations and pursing high reliability. MdP Associates also helps organizations design and deliver leadership and management skills training and development and can provide customized leadership training and workshops.

Developing Core Leaders

Core leaders are the clinical, supervisory, departmental, team and mid-level managers responsible for the day-to-day delivery of care and support services. While most senior health care leaders acknowledge the need to invest in developing this critical group, few organizations have an effective plan or approach. Core leader development should be a balance of management and leadership skills which support four competencies: Manage the Work, Improve the Work, Develop Team Capability and Shape Team Culture. Based on the IHI High-Impact Leadership Framework and similar to the public programs that as faculty we offer through IHI, we can develop and deliver a customized onsite workshops for your organization.
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We assist clients with strategic thinking, environmental analysis, competitive positioning, strategy development, strategic planning and execution planning. We help senior leaders and Boards navigate the changing landscape and provide expert assistance in developing strategy and plans consistent with the organization’s Mission and Vision. Just as important as developing a clear strategy is operationalizing and executing the plans. We help leaders create alignment between strategy and day-to-day operations across the organization so that there is line-of-sight between the efforts of the front lines and the overall aims and strategy of the organization. 
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Operational Excellence

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We help leaders transform their organizations. Our view is that quality, safety, efficiency and cost are interdependent. With over 30 years of experience in leading and supporting operational and quality improvement, we have deep knowledge of the Science of Improvement and the tools and methods to deliver better results for customers and patients. Our services include system-wide reviews and assessments of operations, quality systems and efforts to reduce patient harm. 

We also provide training and workshops on basic and advanced improvement tools and methods as well as lead seminars and provide consultation on the engagement and the role of senior leaders in improvement. We review and provide consultation on quality structures, strategy, plans and systems. We also help leaders and managers redesign core processes and systems to reduce waste, cost and deliver higher patient and customer satisfaction.

Innovation in Population Health and Technology

To meet the health care challenges of tomorrow, we need new solutions and approaches. MdP Associates helps organizations across the health care spectrum develop new products and innovative solutions to improve the health of populations and achieve Triple Aim results. Our experience in Health Information Technology, online products and services, and delivery system innovation enables us to help clients develop sustainable competitive positions and deliver value.
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